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Clear Your Mind: Make the Trade

Dr. Kenneth Reid

Dr. Kenneth Reid

Start trading with the right mental clarity you need to avoid the four biggest trading errors traders make.

Join Dr. Reid and Brian Rehler for 4 intensive 60-90 minute coaching sessions on trading psychology and more.

These highly practical group coaching sessions with Dr. Kenneth Reid are up to 60 minutes of experiential presentation.

4 Sessions

1 – Overcoming Risk

2 – Stop Over-Trading

3 – Timing the Entry

4 – Timing the Exit

Dr. Reid’s Approach:

Trading psychology has a tendency to be a little abstract. You will get plenty of good advice, but it might not help you change how you actually trade. In fact, as a trader myself, I suspect that most of us already know what we should be doing, but in the heat of battle we default to habitual, sub-optimal behaviors.

So what is the solution? How can we coach ourselves better so that we make the change process happen faster? How can we become better traders?

Join Dr. Reid and TraderShark to find out!

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