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TraderShark Comparison

Trade Room Comparison

Independent Study
by Dr. Dean Handley


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“I have had direct experience as an online guest trader/member in 93 live rooms spanning the last 2 years. In each room I analyze 50-1000 trades in real time and apply computational statistics to measure selected qualities of performance. Like you, I want clearly delineated trades (entry, target, stop, number of contracts), a consistent and superior P/L and accurate performance records. As past results do not indicate future results, I measure R2 values to assess P/L uniformity over time.

I have executed 250 live ES trades called by Brian Rehler, TraderShark, over 12 weeks (05-07.12) @ 2 contracts per trade, with targets & exits as defined by TraderShark. Cumulative weekly gross profits with a linear regression line and R2 value are shown.

In the Shark Den live trading room, trade entries, targets and stops are specific and clearly defined, and the posted track record is accurate and complete. Brian Rehler exhibits an excellent command of technical indicators, a highly steadfast performance over time (R2 = 0.9808) and a strong sense of financial stewardship towards room attendees. His live trade room is conducted with sincere mentorship and patience. Quite frankly his performance in the ES is second to none and I see Brian Rehler, TraderShark, as a superlatively accomplished trader.”

Dean Handley: PhD, MBA, JD. Disclaimer: TraderShark, its employees or its affiliates were not aware of, did not contribute to, nor approve of this study or its imprimatur. Dr. Handley did not receive any 3rd party compensation to conduct this study nor has Dr. Handley received any formal training from TraderShark. All information obtained from TraderShark.com was auto-didactic; Dr. Handley assumes all responsibility for any errors in this study; additional disclaimers or inquiries can be directed to drdhandley@yahoo.com.

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