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Last 3 Days and Festival of Traders – March 2014

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Learn to Day-Trade the Emini S&P and Euro Futures – live with a full-time trader.

This video is designed for educational purposes only and to show some of our trade plan setups to reinforce our daily trade plan review.

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Good afternoon traders, this is Brian with TraderShark.com, an educational website to learn how to trade the S&P, Euro and crude futures.
Many of you have been asking about an upcoming webinar. I will be joining Festival of Traders and 7 other traders that will be presenting their webinars next week, March 11th and 12th. I’ll be presenting at 6:15 and I will get you some links and great information at the end of this video.
I’m going to cover the last 3 days of trading primarily because I was not here Thursday and Friday of last week. This is a higher timeframe chart on the S&P emini. I want you to notice when we’re within our opening range I don’t generally trade it. It can be traded, it just tends to be a little choppier.
We had a nice little pull-back here for a continuation. We had a hook pattern for a total of 14 ticks. And also at that same time the conditions were right us to do what is called a tidal wave. This is just one contract. You buy and hold for the day. For the most part it had a potential profit of upwards of 4.5 points, but the pull-back here took me out only for a total of 9 ticks. All in all that’s a pretty good trade. I want you to notice these Shark bands were posing overhead resistance and support levels. Then there was a final hook pattern going on into the close, right there for a total of 8 ticks. That’s on March 4th.
On March 5th, let’s go ahead and look what went on here. You know, a picture’s worth a thousand words. Can you see this type of price action? Fortunately our indicators were giving us a signal to sit on our hands and wait. Be patient. I took, I think, two pro-range reversals for plus 4 and minus 4, total of zero.
Today, Thursday March 6th, market opened up. We had almost an identical situation or setup as we did yesterday. Little bit of a tumble through opening price on into the next Shark band. We were watching for this potential level to break 1880 that’s a magnet number. After we break 1880 potentially tomorrow or next week we should gravitate up towards 1900. There was only one trade. It was an aggressive trade, right here into the close. One trade for 7 ticks.
As I mentioned at the beginning of this presentation, we’re going to be joining the Festival of Traders next week and how do you get in there for signing up for a new webinar. We’re also going to offer some free trial period after that webinar. So how do you sign up for that? Get a chance to listen to 8 different moderators and to see what they have, what they’re proposing out there, and compare us.
Go to the Home tab, press on Festival of Traders March, 2014. That will bring up this screen. And from this screen you’ll notice that the Festival of Traders is from March 11th through March 12th from 4:00 to 7:00 PM. I’m going to be presenting mine at 6:15 on Tuesday, March 11th. Scroll down, anywhere of these blue clicks. You can certainly see some of the other traders out there. And right there at the bottom you can press Register to Attend Today. Pop your email address in there and you’ll be registered. You’ll get confirmation and a reminder. And you’ll notice we have a total of 4 traders each day. I’ll be presenting right there at 6:15 on Tuesday, March 11th.
At the end of the webinar I’ll be making a special offer for those of you that attend. If you have any other further questions, to learn more about these and more advanced trade setups, or to get a copy of the TraderShark trading manuals, please visit TraderShark.com. Thank you. Have a great evening and I’ll see you in the Shark Den tomorrow morning.
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