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Tight Shark Bands – Trading Video – April 24, 2014

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This video is designed for educational purposes only and to show some of our trade plan setups to reinforce our daily trade plan review.
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Good evening traders, this is Brian with TraderShark.com an educational website to learn how to trade the e-mini Euro, Crude, and Nasdaq futures.  Today is Thursday, April 24th 2014. The market opened up here this morning at 1878 represented by this white dotted line. We had a drop here going on today, and what happened this morning was we had such low volume and tight shark bands, we’re not expecting very much of a move. We had a tight Globex range, the Globex range was somewhere around five and a half points and so with that any type of trades I was going to take today were going to be having tight profit targets between two and four ticks each. From 930 to 945, I generally do not take any trades. There was an opportunity. We were watching a setup here this morning towards the gap fill. Generally you don’t trade from 930 to 945. There was a nice trade setup that happened awful fast. I don’t expect anybody to have gotten into this trade. You can almost see the spike, it spiked so quickly and then dropped so fast.

I jumped in real quick for six ticks. This slowed down a little more, but then by the time that I placed my order it did not get filled for a no-fill. You can notice each of these autowaves were kicking in short to the downside. The trade this morning, there were really tight sharkbands. When that occurs we do tend to see a lot of sideways motion so there’s no real conviction to be able to jump in long or short.  That is why again I wasn’t shy taking six ticks here, six ticks there. Again, two and four to the downside. Coming off through the moving averages, two and four to the longside. These shark bands were right in through here, they were barely four to six ticks spread, so if we can only get six ticks out of it be grateful. I did not know that it was going to continue to grind higher. I’m grateful for that. As we continued on into the morning, relatively sideways again.  Our internal indicators were telling us sideways, we saw it and its at that time that you sit on your hands, wait and do nothing. Then there was a nice setup long, I did miss this one, you can kind of see the way that the autowave fired off and continued higher.  A little bit of a pullback with an opportunity to get in here for a total of six ticks. Then into the sideways chop market, or lunchtime trading zone.  Notice the sideways motion.

Coming out of the lunchtime trading zone, we had some news coming across the wire of the US moving forces over towards the Poland area and Russia continuing with their exercises.  That was a kind of bearish news report. I was looking for any type of movement to the downside. I had a TrendLine Wave Trade set up for a total of six ticks, another EWT set up for a total of six ticks. I did have some Murphy’s law website challenges today, the server had gone down, so we shifted over and transferred websites, all in mid-day. If any of you had problems getting up to the websites, we are all up and running, we were at about six o’clock this evening. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me and feel free to check out the website again. It should look a little bit different, and much nicer. It is mobile app friendly for all mobile app users out there. Continuing sideways, again you can see there really wasn’t any runs, a little bit of grind but no runs further into the close. To learn more about these and more advanced trade setups, or to obtain copies of the TraderShark Trading Manual, please visit TraderShark.com thank you, have a great evening and I will see you in the SharkDen in the morning.

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