Learn to Day-Trade the Emini S&P Futures

About Shark Den

Three Shark on patrol

Live Commentary:  09:30 – 11:30 EST
Open:  09:15 – 12:00 EST
Moderator may extend to CME hours at any time.

The Shark Den is an educational chat room where potential trade setups and strategies are described live and in detail.

TraderShark explains trades as they setup and utilizes discretionary indicators for his trade decisions. He details entries and exits of trades entered and defines reasons why trades are not taken.

This is not a trade calling room. It is solely up to you whether you take on a trade or not. 

No one is responsible for the results of any trade that you place other than yourself.

Shark Den Benefits

Additional Trade Strategies Explained and Demonstrated Including:

The Hook

The Wave

Tangled Net

Shark Attack Trade

Killer Whale Combo

Supporting indicators and additional trade setups utilize the following:

Shark Bands – Support and Resistance Levels

Explanation of where the Bulls and Bears might be hiding

Live commentary with price action

Details on Knowing When to Stay Out of the Market

Interactive Group Participation

Opportunities to Meet Other Traders

Question and Answer Sessions

A Positive Learning Environment

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Shark Den Rules

The Shark Den is a safe and open minded community. Please respect the following rules:Lawyer Sharks

1. Be patient.

2. Be focused and disciplined.

3. Have fun.

4. Profanity and explicit material are not permitted.

5. Please DO NOT post phone numbers, email addresses or any unverified websites in either the Forum or Shark Den. The Shark Den and Forum are closely monitored and those caught doing so, may be banned from the room without notice.

6. This will help strengthen new traders, avoid confusion, and keep everyone focused and disciplined on a system that is already successful. Discussion about other trading methods are not allowed. We wish to remain neutral on other services. There are many good services and many bad services available out there.

7. Advertising or promotion of any material or instruments other than what pertains to TraderShark.com is prohibited.

8. Members may talk amongst themselves to point out valid observations according to the trading methods taught here.

9. We are open to new ideas with regards to the TraderShark.com website and would love to hear from you in the Shark Den or Forum.

10. Please respect all members. No ethnic jokes or derogatory comments of any sort.

11. Avoid deliberate distractions such as promotional or spamming activities.

12. We reserve the right to republish, reuse and exhibit any text, audio, or graphics sent to our website via email, chat, live, or phone.

13. There are no long term commitments. All memberships are on a monthly or annual basis. It is your responsibility to contact us if if you do not receive an email invoice. This confirmation will be required if there is ever a billing dispute.

14. All subscriptions automatically renew at the end of your cycle date. We do not handle PayPal cancellations. If you signed up for the Shark Den with PayPal, and you wish to cancel, make sure you cancel your recurring account at least 48 hours in advance of your next monthly due date. By subscribing, you authorize TraderShark.com to charge your account now and at the beginning of any subsequent subscription period.

15. Post any questions and comments you have. Remember that all questions are good questions. If you are asking a question, someone else may have a similar question and can benefit from your post. There is a lot going on during the trading day. If I miss a question, please ask it again. I will address all questions within reason. Enjoy.

16. I want to help you succeed. The only way to accomplish that is to follow a trade plan that is clearly defined in the trading manual or one you have developed on your own.The Shark Den is geared toward rapidly reducing your learning curve and increasing your confidence in placing a trade.

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