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What you provide:

The what… the clarity!
The why… the passion!
The accountability… the commitment!
The massive action!

What I provide:

The knowledge!
The expertise as a professionally trained coach!
The commitment to help your trading business!
Discipline and patience!
Guidance to hold you accountable on your actions!
And much… more!



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“I had the good fortune of being directed to the Shark Den before I began trading the ES. The strategies, indicators and market structure discussed in the room and the manuals were clear and easy to follow, giving me the confidence to jump into futures trading. However, after a few months I found my progress was hampered by bad habits developed while trading equities in the past.”

“… that’s when I signed up for the TraderShark Coaching Program. Brian helped me create a realistic trading plan for my account size. He challenged assumptions, thought patterns and trading habits that were counterproductive to disciplined trading. Most invaluably, he helped me develop a toolbox to constructively evaluate my trading and effectively address psychological challenges. I’m happy to say that with his coaching, I have been able to add new strategies and increase my daily profit target.”

Cristina L. – Atlanta, Georgia

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